How to integrate working into learning situations?

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My intention is a sustainable HRD which focusses on transfer right from the start in connecting learning with working situations.

For nearly 20 years I am busy with HRD in all kinds of settings. I started as a vocational expert. From there it was an interesting way via training of employees towards executive development and corporate education in a multinational.  I acted in a broad variety of roles: trainer, coach, executer, developer, organizer, think tank (know no better word)… It was truly a colourful life – careerwise and privately as I moved to a lot of places.

During all the time there was one important question which bothered me a lot. It was ‚how can we enforce the effect of qualification or learning back home‘? It started with a simple question during an opening of a new branch: „What can we do during the measure – let’s give the sales teams time outside the training room. Ask them to shop around and make their own experiences regarding: How is it like to be ignored in a shop? How is it like to be treated as redundant? And of course how is it being completely surprised of course in a positive way?“

I have to admit I was very sceptical about it. Everything seemed to be out of my control. What a risk 😉 But it went extremly well and I learned one important thing – trust the people and trust the process (the idiom – thanks to Yury).  I became addicted somehow. Never really easy neither selling it to my clients nor the participants.

The next steps followed:

  • Mystery Shoppings during programs for future executive covering merchandising, stock and atmospere (interaction between the sales staff)
  • Telephone calls with real clients regarding ‘cross-selling for new products’ and ‘dealing with complaints’
  • Acquisition of new clients in industrial areas after gaining new inputs going out in tandems and coach eachother
  • Real projects giving as a challenge from corporate management as an overarching topic
  • Visiting clients to gain more information about the outside view in comparison to competitors – where are the main strenghts and weaknesses? Of course the opportunities and threads in future?
  • We gained a lot of information starting from a qualification measure and bringing the results back home for the individual, the teams and the company

A great and colourful world altogether – here are some ideas about matching results of learning and business results. Maybe you can say this sounds like a quest or even a crusade and may be you are right ;-)


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