Values as Foundation for Trainings

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One option to link trainings to real life and the working environment is to use Cororate Values as starting point for a training session. Have a look at the following sequencies of a training. I used the following design as Kick Off in trainings.

I started with the set of the following question. Each followed by group work and discussions in plenary:

  1. Which of your Corporate Values do you know and value most regarding your daily work?
    Interstingly sometimes it was difficult for delegates to recap all of their values – when not expecting this question. But this is another topic.
    Tyical answers were: Innovation, Integrity or Caring for Customers etc.
  2. What do these Values mean regarding your competencies overall?
    Typical answers were: Treating all partners alike, Respect people calling me etc.
  3. To really measure the competencies and transfer the to real life  – I used e.g. the following question: How can a partner, customer or client recocgnize by your behaviour that you respect him like all others – what is the observable behaviour you are showing?
    Possible answers: listening, let them finish their sentences, welcome everyone despite his appearance etc.

The last answers can be used as foundation to discuss the following content. I use them as examples. Further more they are very helpful to develop insights in certain models.

Examples: Exercises to stress the point of really listening intensivly to understand the needs of customers and colleagues start to become more important. All of a sudden there is a need for learning to listen.


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